First Nations Trust


On behalf of the Board of Trustees for the First Nations Trust, I am pleased to present the 2017-2018 Annual Report. The Annual Report covers all operations of the Trust for the fiscal period April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. Since the Trust’s creation in 2003, this audit marks our 15th consecutive year of receiving yet another unqualified audit.

The First Nations Trust received $53.98 million dollars to distribute among our beneficiaries. This was comprised of $40.60 million from Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority casinos, $11.13 million from SaskGaming casinos and $2.25 million which is allocated to First Nations Addictions Rehabilitation Foundation.

As Trustees, we take seriously our responsibility of fiscal openness, accountability and transparency and fulfilling our fiduciary responsibility to our beneficiaries - the First Nations of Saskatchewan. That is why we are proud to fulfill our mandate of audit confirmations and oversight while maintaining efficient operations to maximize the funds available for distribution to our beneficiaries. With focused diligence of our staff and the commitment of all Trustees to deal with all matters in a timely cost-effective manner, we are able to balance these obligations.

We would like to thank the Leaders and staff of all the First Nations in Saskatchewan for their compliance with the Trust Indenture and Trust policies and procedures and look forward to their continued cooperation for many years to come.


Sheila C. Sutherland