Big River First Nation



Big River First Nation did its own makeover - and the multi-plex appeared when the dust settled. There is plenty of space for a variety of uses including recreation, entertainment, meeting rooms, offices and a brand new kitchen for preparing meals for community events. The mega project took a lot of teamwork and residents from Big River were part of that team, working with the developers throughout the renovations. Some tenants have their offices up and running, and others will be moving in later, including the RCMP and some space is on hold for Justice as well. The multi-purpose building brought several services offices together under one roof - the Big River Social Development, Indian Child and Family Services are housed under one roof now. So it was that a huge need created a small opportunity for two full time workers - once the complex was completed, it was apparent a receptionist was needed to direct all the people through the complex to the boardroom for meetings and other services and events in the building, or redirecting people to the arena and band hall located next door. With a roster of sports and leisure activities, Big River First Nation created a full-time position and office for the Recreation Director in the multipurpose building.

 Funds from the First Nations Trust supported the renovations of the old band building, and over $300,000 toward the purchase of a fire truck.Fire safety and protection services are always important, and the new truck is a significant addition to the community's development. The Chief and Council expressed their gratitude to the FNT for the difference gaming revenue makes in meeting needs and assisting with long term planning for the Big River First Nation.