Buffalo River First Nation

Wellness is the direction; Buffalo River First Nation is the destination. From the ground up the First Nation is systematically following through on their 2003-2004 decisions to upgrade their infrastructure.

With visions of change-for-the better, they have embarked on a
series of improvements to their water treatment system. Upgrades have been made to the main treatment facility, one lift station and two pumping stations. The result has been fewer boil-water advisories are being issued on-reserve. To ensure this healthier situation continues their new housing subdivision will also require construction of a new pumping station.

To maintain better quality water means there will be continuing expenses and regular upgrades required to meet standards for healthy safe water. System improvements this year were covered by distributions from the First Nations Trust. The water treatment maintenance positions were subsidized by Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

A new fitness room in the Buffalo River First Nation Arena provides another step towards wellness for many Band members who are diabetic. Particularly in the winter, the opportunity to exercise indoors is popular with everyone. First Nations Trust funds have contributed to the array of equipment from stationary bikes to treadmills and elliptical machines.

For those looking for a bit of relaxation, the Arena now includes a movie theatre as well. Each week members can come out to enjoy a different film.

Cleaner, safer water, exercise opportunities and a bit of relaxation at the movies - First Nations Trust is pleased to be part of these changes at Buffalo River First Nation.