Grandmother's Bay First Nation

Nestled in a well-treed hilly area with a deep water bay nearby, the Lac La Ronge First Nation community of Grandmother's Bay has a new community hall.

 The community lacked a facility large enough to host meetings, socials for their Elders and other local gatherings,
and had for years crowded into members' homes for local gettogethers. This is where the opportunity made possible by the FNT helped the community of Grandmother’s Bay fulfil a need. The Lac La Ronge Indian Band receives an allocation from the FNT and then redistributes the funding to its various communities. Those communities determine the use of the funds that best suits their needs.

Grandmother’s Bay chose to build a centrally located hall. Now that the hall is in place there is ample opportunity for evenings of traditional entertainment, story telling and community feasts. With the community hall in place Grandmother's Bay is considering expanding programming for their children and youth, and looking to the future. Grandmother's Bay hired a full-time Recreation Director whose role will encompass developing programming for every age level.