Kawacatoose First Nation

Kawacatoose First Nation spread the income from the First Nations Trust across the allowed uses and made a positive difference. Improvements during the past year include infrastructure, housing and community services, support for social events, subsidies for several jobs and debt reduction.

During 2006-2007, the Kawacatoose First Nation invested in health and safety upgrades for their Treaty 4 community. They completed improvements to the Kawacatoose water treatment plant as well as to the
pumping stations and the sewer facility. With the purchase of a new water supply truck, they are better able to provide fresh, safe water on a regular basis to homes and facilities located on-reserve.
The investments in housing renovations will decrease drafts, lower condensation that can cause the development of deadly black mold as well as improve the energy efficiency ratings of the houses. The replacement of doors and windows on many of the houses will decrease heat loss as well as the cost of heating the homes this winter. These improvements to the Kawacatoose infrastructure cost over $200,000, paid for from funds distributed by the First Nations Trust.

Greater shopping convenience will be available on-reserve with the recent re-opening of the community store. The store will now carry a wider range of grocery items. Soon the turnover in stock is expected to create part-time jobs in addition to the two full-time employees. Other changes have taken place as well. The new policy for the store is to operate on a cash-only basis; exceptions will be for fuel for their school buses and the health department for medi-vac needs. Kawacatoose First Nation is intent on finding success on-reserve as their
off-reserve business venture took a huge toll on the gaming funds as they repaid loans on the gas station in Raymore.

Across from the band office is the Kawacatoose Elder and Youth Lodge. Programming positions for a full-time Lodge Director and part-time assistants were subsidized with funds from the First Nations Trust. In addition to activities at the Lodge, there are after-school activities including soccer, floor hockey and volleyball in the school gym that are organized and overseen by the Director of Recreation, a position that is FNT subsidized. Trust funds have also been used to support the annual Kawacatoose Powwow and a Slow-Pitch Tournament and to contribute to support for hockey fees for both on-reserve and off-reserve members.