Kinistin First Nation

Plans that extend far beyond the boundaries of Kinistin First Nation are in progress. Last year they decided to hold the funds from FNT in trust until the right opportunity came along. This year it did, and monies from FNT enabled the purchase of a 45,000 square foot structure - sufficient space for a multipurpose facility.

Recently, there has been a lot of excitement about developments in the diamond mining industry. Kinistin's Chief and Council have been meeting with other First Nations who know training will be a prerequisite. The First Nations and others already know the shortage of spaces for training will be an issue. That's where the Kinistin facility can take advantage of the opportunity this has created. In addition to a training facility, accommodation and space for teachers and administration will be needed. The proposed Kinistin Multipurpose Complex as a training facility is getting an enthusiastic reception on a number of fronts, from the Mayor of Melfort to SaskLearning. Having the right atmosphere for training is always an asset to learning and can help build the necessary workforce skills by opening the diamond mine industry training to everyone.