Lucky Man Cree Nation

Lucky Man Cree Nation has the smallest membership in Treaty 6, numbering 108 in 2008.  Their reserve, east of the Battlefords, was finally established in 1989, more than 110 years after Lucky Man and his people adhered to Treaty 6 at Fort Walsh. During these intervening years, Lucky Man's people were amalgamated with the Little Pine First Nation and lived on land that was reserved out of Treaty for Chief Little Pine, who was Lucky Man's brother-in-law.

Determination led to the establishment of their reserve and the Lucky Man Cree Nation is equally dete
rmined to encourage and provide the best possible educational opportunities for their membership. Lucky Man Cree Nation has a strategy to help ensure that the prospects for acquiring skills are there for their members, particularly youth, so that they will have choices in their futures.

As an interim measure, at the request of the C
hief and Council, the First Nations Trust has held in trust every cent of the gaming profits set aside for Lucky Man Cree Nation. The funds are being held until the Lucky Man Cree Nation sets up its own Education Trust to assist their members in the pursuit of education and skills.