Pasqua First Nation

Developing a healthy and safe environment requires a wide range of programs and projects. Pasqua First Nation has undertaken a number of projects that are contributing to that goal. Last year, some of the funds received from the First Nations Trust were used in part to purchase five used mobile homes ranging from 15-20 years old. These trailers have provided homes for working families who would otherwise be without. The housing program was designed to recoup the cost of the trailers on a "rent-to-own" basis. Through rental income and an injection of First Nations Trusr monies, it is hoped that the program will be able to continue next year. Housing, however, is in a crisis state at Pasqua, with a shortage of more than 100 homes. Black mould has been found in many older houses, which means replacement housingis needed desperately. Although a small change in what remains a very large need, the five new homes are contributing to a healthier environment for some of Pasqua's people.