Red Pheasant First Nation

Red Pheasant First Nation will be a community abuzz with excitement as the 2007 Indigenous Summer Games draw closer. They have a long-term vision, and building the infrastructure required for the Games is a big step in that direction. The design and development of ball and soccer fields is underway, with FNT funds supporting that work. As the fields develop, young athletes will be inspired. Perhaps they will dream of flying around a track like middle and long-distance runner Alex Wuttunee Decoteau (1887-1917) once did. Unlike Alex Decoteau, who ran in the Stockholm Olympics in 1912, future Red Pheasant First Nation athletes will have the advantage of their own training oval.

The overall vision is to provide local recreation, sport and leisure that will contribute to the strength of the community. Time will fly by and soon the efforts of both athletes and community will be the center of attention. Athletes, spectators and media will be welcomed into the community and will see the fruition of a lot of local effort. The First Nations Trust is pleased to play a small role in supporting their vision.