Sweetgrass First Nation

Down the aisle they come, the center of attention, 11 tiny graduates from the Sweetgrass Kindergarten Class of 2008. Graduation certificates on a side table, streamers and balloons decorate the room, and food preparations are complete. From the formalities of a kindergarten ceremony to the wild cheers for the home team on the basketball court, the Sweetgrass Recreation Centre is a busy place. Feasts, weddings and wakes are held in the Centre and the professionally equipped kitchen has everything needed to cater for all occasions.

Funds from the First Nat
ions Trust were set aside for the construction of the building. It seemed a long time from breaking ground until the grand opening of the Recreation Centre. Since its opening, there have been many ceremonial uses and extensive use of the fully equipped professional kitchen. The Centre, situated near the Band Office and the School, is open to everyone. It is used for organized sport and leisure activities and includes a weight room.

As uses and programming have increased, FNT
distributed funds now provide for programming costs, upkeep and recently a recreation director was hired as well.

The kids make a running exit from classes at recess, excitement is heightened knowing it's the second last day of school and the Science and Culture Camp will start in a few days. With 92 students from K to 8, The Recreation Director and the Centre will be busy all summer long.