Thunderchild First Nation

Thunderchild First Nation has a Youth, Sport, Culture and Recreation Program that includes their Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre. The Centre recognizes that being consistent and reliable is crucial in preventive work with youth. They have a wide range of FNT-funded, community-based programming for ages 6 to 25, including: life skills, arts and crafts, cooking, The Little Plume Society, The Little Warrior Society, events and tournaments, and educational and preventive workshops on the dangers of substance abuse.

Having a place for youth to gather helps to bring back some of the old ways and is a positive trend for the community.
The Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre is sunny and bright, a busy place with workers who are dedicated to planning, organizing and ensuring that meetings, events, and workshops occur for specific age groups.

In addition to using FNT funds for the recreational facility, there are more than 30 young athletes from Thunderchild First Nation running and training, preparing for future competitions. These athletes are not just working to improve their track and field performance, but are also taking coaching instruction. There are also opportunities for sponsorship of both on and off-reserve members in recreational and sport activities. Setting criteria for such sponsorships is another choice Thunderchild First Nation has established for their use of funds from the First Nations Trust.