Wahpeton Dakota Nation

The Wahpeton Dakota Nation is the smallest First Nation in the Prince Albert Grand Council. Wahpeton's land base is about 12 square miles; this makes economic development a challenge. Wahpeton has met this challenge with several ventures. The Tatanka Bison Company is nearing the point that the bison stock can be sold, so Wahpeton has begun to move into other industries. Both the Tatanka Public Works Company and the Tatanka Convenience Store are two ventures that are also growing. The personnel training needed for both companies and the purchase of a loader were in part accomplished with the funds distributed by the First Nations Trust (FNT). The result is the company has expanded, trained and employed many band members and can take on more jobs and carry out more duties. The Public Works Company does on-reserve construction projects, road maintenance and snow removal and successfully contracts out doing similiar work in the surrounding area.

Wahpeton Dakota Nation believes that with the continuing support provided through the First Nations Trust, Tatanka Public Works and other local ventures will grow and prosper.